Quilting Culture Project

09 May Quilting Culture Project

In Term 1 Mrs. Harrington’s Year 10 Art class collaborated to produce a culture quilt which celebrates the diversity within our school and wider New Zealand.

Each student explored their chosen culture and produced a section of the quilt. Students began by learning about portrait photography, taking black-lit photos in the school lighting studio. With a profile silhouette of their head as the starting point, they designed the centre of their quilt square. Inspired by artists Charmaine Olivia and Daphna Naim, each student created a portrait of themself adorned with culturally symbolic objects coming out of their head.

Students got to learn about the technique of quilting, each using the sewing machine to free motion embroider a pattern in the background of their quilt square. Finally, they fabric dyed the background using an analogous colour scheme.

The process was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone in the class and they are extremely proud of their class quilt.

Hannah Harrington, Visual Arts


“My final painted quilt square was embodied with a profile portrait of myself wearing native feathers from my tribe in the Philippines. The fabric painted background has a zigzag zebra pattern, which consisted of my two favourite colours, red and purple”

Jhasser Bucasan


“My design was made to illustrate the journey Europeans made to New Zealand. The sheep standing at the bow is there to represent the large farming industry that came with the Europeans and which now is somewhat a symbol of New Zealand industries.”

Jordan Wells


“I used native plants to symbolise my New Zealand heritage. The process behind making it was very fun and different and I thoroughly enjoyed creating it.”

Bianca Fowler

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