Principal Photography

30 Mar Principal Photography

Year 12 photography student Sienna Kenrick recently convinced Principal Michael Williams to take a turn as a model for her Level 2 portfolio. We asked her about the experience below.

Q: Your Level 2 photography portfolio has a strong focus on korowai. What inspired you to choose this as your focus?
A: Being Māori, the korowai is very important to me. I love the beautiful designs and the power that wearing one brings. Personally, for me it makes me feel close to my family as my grandmother made my one, which makes it really special.

Q: It takes a little bit of courage to ask the Principal to pose for a photography portfolio. How did your request come about?
A: I was searching for subjects with korowai to sit for portraits. I’ve already captured images of my parents in theirs and I plan to photograph my brother and myself in our korowai also. My Tutor Teacher, Mr Jardine, found out about my project and suggested Mr Williams, who has a beautiful Pakuranga College korowai.

Q: What was it like working with Mr Williams?
A: It was a little nerve-wracking asking Mr Williams to pose, but he was great to talk to. He sat for two sessions to get the photos I need for my portfolio, which I appreciate because I know he has a very busy role.

As well as korowai, Sienna’s Level 2 photography portfolio will explore other elements of Māori design, such as flax and feathers. We look forward to seeing the finished result!


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