Principal Patron for Kieran

03 Dec Principal Patron for Kieran

The work of Year 12 Art student, Kieran Trainor, has been selected by our Principal, Mr Williams, to be displayed in his office at the school.

Kieran’s folio was inspired by an exchange trip to Denmark:

In 2020, I was selected to go on a year-long exchange programme to Denmark. I arrived there in January and was in absolute awe that I was lucky enough to live in such a magical country.

I thought to myself daily, “this feels more like home than anywhere else”. Unfortunately, in March of 2020, COVID-19 appeared in Denmark and quickly took over the nation. I was in lockdown in Denmark for two weeks before I had to return to New Zealand abruptly, thus ending my trip of a lifetime 9 months early.

When returning to school, I immediately wanted to create something dedicated to Denmark. My art board, called “Hvor Er Hjem?” (Where Is Home?) focuses on my inner conflict about not feeling like Auckland is home and missing Denmark terribly.  However, over time I have realised that both Auckland and Denmark are parts of me and will remain parts of me forever, which is also represented in my board. 

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