Principal for a Day

05 Nov Principal for a Day

On the 23rd of October, myself and a few other students were able to gain some experience in positions we were not particularly accustomed to. While our four head students swapped places with some junior students, I had the opportunity to be Principal for a day; Mr. Williams taking my place as a rambunctious year 13 student. Many shenanigans were had throughout the day as I redecorated my office with photos of myself and dressed my Deputy Principals in some stunning Hawaiian shirts. Beyond that, however, many lessons were learned.

A sense of responsibility and respect for the work done by not just the Principal, but the whole leadership team, was a key takeaway for me from the experience. Allowing me to have my way with his office, and his job, for an entire day exemplifies the trust which Mr. Williams has placed in students.

A student led learning focus allows young people the opportunity to grow into mature, independent adults, with critical thinking and analytical abilities. To me, the freedoms we have been provided in research and creative writing assessments, among many others, have helped to make education fun, and fun educational.

Overall, my experience as Principal helped me to appreciate the effort which goes into shaping the culture of Pakuranga College. As fun as it was, I am happy to leave those responsibilities with those with the credentials to best fulfil them.

by Nathan Taylor, Year 13

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