Principal for a Day

23 Oct Principal for a Day

On Monday 21st October, Year 13 Zoe McCalman became Pakuranga College’s Principal for a day. Swapping places with Mr Michael Williams, she carried out his duties while he attended her classes.

It was a busy schedule which included addressing the staff at morning briefing, conducting the Principal’s Assembly and meeting up with the senior leadership team.

This is what Zoe had to say about her experience:

“Admittedly, after I won ‘principal for a day’ I wasn’t sure I wanted to do it. Preparing for a staff briefing, senior leadership team meeting, and Year 10 assembly seemed like more work than I thought I had signed up for, and I had no real interest in the business side of how the school actually works.

However, I ended up enjoying the challenge, and although I didn’t have any actual power and couldn’t give some teachers the pay rise they asked for, I learned a great deal and have a newfound appreciation for Pakuranga College. I was amazed by the school’s focus on values as well as content, and the passionate team of teachers and support staff who work tirelessly to do the best for the students.

I expected to learn about how the staff keep the school running, and instead saw a team focused on pushing the school forward and constantly improving. I almost wish I could stay to take part in the exciting projects the staff are working on. I am grateful for my experience here, and think future students have much to look forward to.”

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