Primates and Skulls in Hands-on Zoo Trip

15 Sep Primates and Skulls in Hands-on Zoo Trip

13BIO got hands-on with some skulls during their trip to Auckland Zoo for the topic, Trends in Human Evolution. They were able to visit some very cute monkeys too, exploring the connections between primate and early human skulls.

Felicity Dowden recaps her experience below:

“I can confidently say that the zoo was one of my favourite places to visit as a child – and, although now being 17, after the Year 13 Biology trip, I can also confidently say that not a lot has changed!

In Week 7 of Term 3, four Year 13 Biology classes had the opportunity to go on a trip to Auckland Zoo to assist with our understanding of the current topic we are studying: Trends in Human Evolution. During our trip, we not only got to tour the zoo and see our (extremely) distant relatives, the primates, but we also had a class lesson with Torey Carver, one of the highly knowledgeable educators at Auckland Zoo. She helped us to refresh our understanding of the topic, as well as engage in discussions and class activities to extend ourselves further. I really enjoyed this lesson as I found it interesting to hear and see real connections between hominins, the ancestors of humans, and the primates we had just walked past. I also found it helpful to see and analyse life-size copies of primate and human skulls and skeletons with my peers.

This trip was extremely beneficial for us all, because as well as knowing the information we need for our external assessment, we got to deepen our understanding of the topic by seeing some of the things we’d learned about happening in person. For example, we saw arboreal, quadrupedal, and bipedal locomotion displayed in different primates. So, who knows? I might reconsider my long-lost, childhood dream of being a zookeeper.”

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