Pink Shirt Day Positivity

09 Jun Pink Shirt Day Positivity

Pink Shirt Day was an extremely successful event, where students could do their part in spreading kindness while raising awareness about bullying. The Rae deck was filled with students wearing pink attire, each participating in the array of activities that had been organised by students involved in the Service Council, Safe School Council, or the Diversity Council. From a stand covered in packs of pink candy floss, a selection of group games that encouraged student involvement, a DJ, and a series of pink shirts which students could sign with their own positive affirmations and quotes of encouragement, the school was able to create a fun and inclusive environment that helped us celebrate diversity in all its forms.

Through the gold coin donations from our students, Pakuranga College was able to raise over $2,000 for I AM HOPE and The Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand, both of which are charities that work to promote positive attitudinal societal change around mental health throughout New Zealand, as well as fund private care and counselling for young Kiwis in need of support.

Through Pink Shirt Day, students have been able to come together to make a real difference in the fight against bullying and the stand for mental health support for our youth, not only within Pakuranga College, but throughout Aotearoa.

Jordan Wells and Natalia Hattaway – Safe School Council

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