Peer Support Camps Kick Off with Kauri and Rimu

03 Mar Peer Support Camps Kick Off with Kauri and Rimu

Kauri and Rimu Year 9s headed out on their one-day camps with Peer Support Leaders on Monday this week. Keep reading for the highlights!

Rimu Peer Support Camp Reflections
Proving that the Pakuranga spirit cannot be thwarted, Rimu House embarked on a one-day experience at Camp Adair after having to cancel our three-day camp. It was amazing, thanks to the unmatchable character and hard work of the Rimu Peer Support Leaders and the willingness of our Year 9s to get out of their comfort zones and try something new. It was a wonderful display of students working together, seeking challenges and never giving up. 

The aim of House camps is to allow students to get to know one another and to build House spirit, which everybody collaborated to achieve. Bonds grew stronger between Year 9s and Peer Support Leaders through having to trust one another in activities such as walking the plank and rock-climbing, with Year 9s also strengthening their relationships through team-building exercises. After a long day culminating in a tug of war competition with Kauri House, we capped it off by toasting marshmallows over a campfire.

Reflecting on the day, all staff agreed that we can be very proud of our students.

Stefan Gibby – Dean, Rimu House

Kauri Peer Support Camp Reflections
The Kauri Peer Support camp for 2022 was definitely a day to remember. We arrived at camp and all of us were organised, then sent off to our first activities. There were loads of activities – rock climbing, mountain biking, islands in the sky, group challenges, air rifles, and capture the flag. This is where we saw the Year 9s begin to come out of their comfort zones and start enjoying their time on camp as much as we were.

After lunch and more activities, we learnt the House chant and challenged Rimu to a tug of war competition. Our Year 9s caught on quickly with the House chant and are prepared for Athletics Day and Swimming Sports.

After dinner we ended the day with a campfire with loads of marshmallows! The day was awesome and all the Year 9s and Peer Support Leaders were interacting with each other and they all had a great time.

Nathaniel Bott and Sophie Coyle – House Leaders, Kauri House

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