Peer Support Camps a Huge Success

17 Mar Peer Support Camps a Huge Success

Last week Matai, Nikau, Pohutukawa, and Totara Houses went out on their one-day Peer Support camps. This was a chance for Year 9 students to continue building friendships and settling into college life, as they challenged themselves with new activities. Keep reading to hear from Matai and Totara about their camp experiences.

For the second consecutive year, the Matai Peer Support camp was a one-day event at Camp Adair in Hunua. The facilities and opportunities for our students to challenge themselves were outstanding. Our Year 9 students certainly made the most of the chances to extend themselves, build friendships, make great memories, develop House spirit, and genuinely have fun with their House Leaders and peers.

They even enjoyed climbing all over a pipehenge and were fascinated to find out that it was actually an astronomy device used to determine patterns in the movement of our sun and moon. It was wonderful to witness the teamwork within groups led so effectively by our Peer Support Leaders, who put their training into practice so admirably. To complete the day, they taught our newbies the Matai chant at the campfire, which could be heard echoing throughout the Hunua Gorge!  All in all the one-day camp more than met the goals we’d set, and was thoroughly enjoyed by our new Year 9 students, Peer Support Leaders, and staff.

Barbara Scott – Dean of Matai House

Although we had an early start, everyone looked forward to an exciting day. With music on the bus and a lot of chatter, the bus ride to Camp Adair felt short. After we got there everyone divided into their groups and went on to do their first of many activities. During the day got to see Year 9s making new friends, facing new challenges, and connecting with Peer Support Leaders.

Some of the activities we did were air rifles, wall climbing, and mountain biking. During these activities there was a friendly competition between everyone, but it was all done in good spirit and with encouragement. We also did a few teamwork activities, which really challenged our thinking and problem-solving skills, but we got there in the end. These activities also brought the team members together so that they can work as one.

Snacks and lunch refreshed us during the day and created more opportunities for interaction.

To close off the day we had a bonfire with marshmallows roasting. After a fun-filled and exhausting day, we headed home with some more music and chatter on the bus.

The Peer Support camp is really a fun way to meet new friends and get out of your comfort zone. I strongly recommend it to all new Year 9 students.

Desiree Du Plessis – Totara Peer Support Leader

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