Peace Week

02 Jul Peace Week

Peace week aimed to spread love, unity and peace. The reason we came up with this idea is because we felt like we needed to bring positivity to the school and let our students know that they should feel safe and included in our school community. Social injustices have been destroying unity around the world and we should be uniting together as one. We also thought that this would be a great way to end the long 12 weeks of school, as it has been a rollercoaster for everyone!


Working Together

During Peace Week, the following councils did these activities:

Interact Council made an interactive box to spread awareness about the Black Lives Matter Movement, Poverty around the world and LGBTQ Pride, where students could scan petitions and get lollypops in return.

Service Council gave out positive messages saying things like “Have a great day” and “You’re amazing” to brighten each students’ day.

Academic, Maths, Science and Enviro Councils made posters recognising and celebrating people of colour who have contributed to academia and society in general.

Amnesty International did a seminar explaining the significance of Black Lives Matter.

Arts Council did a pop-up event which included a range of interactive art activities and performances.

Safe School Council went around with selfie frames and positive lolly cards to spread positivity amongst our students.

The student leadership team made a video about peace and what it means to them (on the school Facebook page).

History Club made a Kahoot based on the idea of ‘peace’ for tutors to play during tutor class.


Peace Festival

For the last day Wid Al Rufaie and I have organised a ‘peace festival’ outside the library to celebrate the end of the week. This will include performances by the Kapa Haka and Japanese Cultural Groups as well as Gillian Bulos and Joel Vanisi who will give singing performances

While these councils were spreading love, peace and unity amongst the students of Pakuranga College, many students were full of delight and felt enlightened when the councils did interactive activities to get people involved and aware about the issues in the world that have been separating us. Whenever we handed out positive notes with lollies or came around with our unique activities, everyone’s faces would light up with glee, which is what made the project worth it!

by Noyiuki Obasuyi, Safe School Council


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