Pasifika Tutor Now in Action

26 May Pasifika Tutor Now in Action

Pasifika Tutor is up and running, working to nurture the academic and leadership goals of students who identify as Pasifika. Much like its Māori counterpart, Whānau Tutor, Pasifika Tutor meets on Mondays during Tutor Time and is a place where students can connect with their culture and explore leadership roles.

As well as providing academic support, the group also spends time choreographing dances for Cultural Night, organising Talanoa Evenings for parents of Pasifika students, running Pasifika assemblies, and planning activities for language weeks. It keeps them very busy with five cultures to promote and celebrate, including Cook Island, Niuean, Tongan, Fijian, and Samoan.

If you have a Pasifika child interested in joining Pasifika Tutor please email: Many thanks to our teachers Elmerie Lafaele, Toa Atiola, and Rita Enari for facilitating the group.

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