Pakuranga Pasifika Represented at Polyfest

30 Mar Pakuranga Pasifika Represented at Polyfest

A group of students went to the ASB Polyfest Speech competition on Thursday 9 March. The students went to experience ASB Polyfest and support Janae-Ann Pasi, Year 13, who competed in the Samoan speech competition.

The ulutala/topic that she spoke on was, “O suiga o le tau i le Pasefika o le ‘a a’afia ai le olaola o a tatou gagana o le Pasefika” (Climate change in the Pacific will affect the survival of our Pacific languages).

Janae-Ann spoke well and we congratulate her on her achievement, hard work and acknowledge the preparation it took for this competition. Malo le tauivi, Malo lava.

Overall it was a great day and students enjoyed the experience of visiting other stages, watching performances, and getting involved in different games and challenges at the various stalls.

Soifua ma ia manuia.

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