At Pakuranga College we have high expectations for students that relate to all aspects of school life. We believe that students achieve highly when they develop self-management skills and have opportunities to show leadership in all endeavours. Our Values and Guiding Principles provide very good conduct and behaviour guidelines for everyone in the college. We expect our students to show pride in themselves, to be courteous and to share ownership of the college’s reputation in the community. This involves all our students respecting and honouring the college’s high expectations at any school function and at any time they appear in public as a representative of the school, including to and from school.


  • Please obey the road rules – cross Pakuranga Highway only at the lights and the underpass.
  • Students entering or leaving the college (via the Highway) must use gate 3 or the pedestrian access steps. Access from Pigeon Mountain Road must be via the pedestrian walkway between the Careers/Transition office and the Student Centre or gate 1.
  • Walking through the staff car park area is not permitted.
  • Students walking through the Pakuranga Retirement Village should be aware that this is private property. Any disrespectful behaviour from students may result in the access being withdrawn by the owners.
  • Please do not bring skateboards, scooters, rollerblades, etc. to college.


  • Cycle helmets must be worn securely.
  • Cyclists should enter the school grounds via the Pakuranga Highway (gate 4).
  • Bicycles must be put in the bicycle enclosure which is kept locked during school hours. Please lock your bikes. Pakuranga College will make every effort to keep the area secure, but accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to bicycles.
  • Bikes are not to be ridden in the school grounds or on the footpath when it is being used by pedestrians.


  • Students being picked up or dropped off by car must not use the staff car park. Please use the drop off zone in Pigeon Mountain Road. Do not use Palmers Garden Centre car park.
  • Students who drive cars to school must have the appropriate drivers’ licence
  • Students driving cars to school must park them legally on the roadside
  • Students may not leave the school grounds during the school day, without permission. Year 13 students may only leave school grounds during lunch.
  • Any student who is required to leave the school during the school day to attend a medical/clinical appointment must bring their appointment card or a note from a parent/guardian to enable them to be released from class and sign out at the Student Centre. Permission will only be given for genuine medical/clinical appointments. Students must carry their “leave” pass at all times and produce it should they be required.
  • Year 13 students off site during school hours must not use their vehicles.
  • If a student is late to school, he/she must sign in at the Student Office. Students will be issued with a late note that will allow them into class.
  • Any students not in class during class time must carry a note issued by a teacher.
  • Visiting counsellors or deans in class time should be by appointment only.
  • If students are absent, parents are expected to ring the school on the day. However students must still bring a signed and dated note explaining the absence on the day of their return.

The following areas are out of bounds for safety reasons.


  • The main entrance staff car park area at the front of the college.
  • The hall and the stage.
  • The staff and administration block and the area between the staffroom and the reception office, except when on business.
  • The areas behind Seagar and drama as well as the horticulture area.
  • The area between P4 and at interval and lunchtime.
  • The tennis courts and fields except when actively involved in a game or seated in the designated area in front of the pavilion.
  • The area around P22-25 at interval and lunchtime.
  • The swimming pool area except when authorised.
  • The area beyond F1 and behind the activities room and mini gym.
  • The upstairs balcony of the Pamela Stone centre and the Jill Sweeny block at interval and lunchtime.
  • The bike sheds and the area around gate 4.
  • The Pakuranga Retirement Village except as a thoroughfare before and after school.
  • The field areas behind the tennis courts and beyond the soccer field sidelines along the creek.
  • Ball games around buildings are not permitted.

The following (common sense) rules apply, as you would expect.


  • No smoking/cigarettes
  • No alcohol
  • No consumption of other illegal substances
  • No fireworks or any object which may be assumed to be a weapon (eg knife, toy guns, water pistols, BB guns)
  • No water bombs, stink bombs, etc.
  • No chewing gum
  • No permanent markers
  • No spray cans / flammable paints, lighters or matches
  • No contact games should be played on the fields at interval or lunchtime, eg. bullrush, league
  • Students should ensure they have a drink and go to the toilet at interval and lunchtimes
  • Eating is not permitted during class time.

Students are expected to wear their uniform with pride at school and in the community. If for any reason a year 9-12 student cannot wear the correct uniform he/she must have a note from the dean. These notes will only be issued under exceptional circumstances. The alternatives will include being withdrawn from class and/or parental contact being made.

Digital devices (e.g. notebook computers, mobile phones, iPods) may be used in class time to support learning. While commonplace, the use of digital devices is not automatic and students are expected to turn off or put away their device, if asked to do so by the teacher.


Students must keep digital devices turned off and in their bags between lessons, and during interval and lunchtime. Students may use their digital device in the library during interval and lunchtime for study purposes.


Inappropriate use of a digital device (e.g. use at lunchtime, use in class when instructed not to, misuse of device) may result in various consequences including removal of students from the school network and the device being confiscated and only returned after parental contact has been made.


The college accepts no responsibility for the loss of digital devices at school.

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