Pacific Island Students Attend PILOT Programme

05 Apr Pacific Island Students Attend PILOT Programme

The Pacific Island Leaders Of Tomorrow (PILOT) programme is an inspiring event that a group of our Year 13 Pakuranga College students had the opportunity to attend recently. The programme focuses on fostering skills and leadership within the young PI community.

The background of the name PILOT comes from the past, that Pacific Islanders ancestors were PILOTS OF THE OCEAN. The ocean was their waterway to each other, and their route to the rest of the world (Ha’uofa, 1993). This notion is the basis of the Year 13 programme where  the aim is to emphasise that students will be embarking on a journey of discovery that they need to prepare for.

“PILOT day 2018 was my first attending the event and to me, it was an amazing experience. I was one of the seven Year 13 students who had the chance to attend the leadership programme and it was a great opportunity for me to develop myself as a future leader and to value my heritage as a Pacific Island student. I enjoyed meeting new students from the other school that attended and creating strong bonds with them. We were taught the value of life and the advantage of getting an education and that it doesn’t matter what school you go to, where you come from or what your background is. If you try hard enough and stick to being true to yourself, you will succeed in life.” – Ana Latu (pictured second from the right)

Students pictured, left to right: Devon Guttenbeil, Elizabeth Arrowsmith, Breanna Jansen, Shania Vanisi, Adrienne Fuataga, Ana Latu, Cornelius Siolo


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