NZQA Scholarship Results

11 Feb NZQA Scholarship Results

Huge congratulations to all those students who were awarded NZQA scholarships this year!

Ininosa Obasuyi Biology (Outstanding) / Chemistry / Health & Physical Education

Maddy Roy  English (Outstanding)

Hiyori Nakano (Year 12)  Japanese (Outstanding)

Jeremy Ishi (Year 11) Calculus

Mortaza Sahar  Economics

Charles Rui Hong Yao  Biology

Songyan Teng (Year 12)  Statistics / Calculus

Yatai Tian  Statistics

Yi (Ricky) Huang  Chemistry / Physics / Calculus

Hongzhen (Max) Chen (Year 12)  Statistics

Cameron Irwin  English

Emily Mein Smith  English

Laura Liu  Biology / Chemistry

Benjamin Agnew (Year 11)  Calculus

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