Not an Everyday Lesson on Business Success

02 Aug Not an Everyday Lesson on Business Success

Recently our Year 12 Business students had the opportunity to attend the local scare attraction ‘SPOOKERS’ – Auckland’s all year round Haunted Attraction, which includes a Haunted House, Freaky Forest, 3D Manic Maze and CornEvil.

The students weren’t there for just for fun (although, by the looks on their faces they also had a great time!), the trip was to learn from the family-run business, all about how their unique motivational strategies with the workforce they employ (to terrify visitors), makes the business such a phenomenal success and a great business.

Hear more from one of the students who attended this awesome learning opportunity, Sarisha Claassen.

“On Thursday the 26th of July, the Year 12 Business Students went to Spookers as part of their 2.5 Motivational Theories Internal. The internal is about how managers keep their employees motivated and the different methods that they use to do this.

When we got to Spookers there were teams of around 10 students and they each got paired up with a Spookers employee. We started off at the Haunted House attraction, learning about different methods that staff used to give the best scares, from drop windows that slam in a quiet room or lighting that helps staff to blend into the walls to give the best jumpscares.

While we were in the Haunted House we also learnt about the history of the site, where the old hallways, staff bathrooms and bedrooms were as we were going around, even seeing the original paint from when it was still a Psychiatric Hospital.

After that, we got an amazing catered lunch and moved onto having a talk with the managing director and two Spookers staff members. We were able to ask any questions that we had in regards to the internal and different motivational theories, as well as taking all the notes we would need in our internal.

After this talk, we were able to walk around another one of the attractions which was Disturbia. This attraction involved 3D glasses and was laid out almost in a maze theme with pop art inspired colours and images. Disturbia was more for entertainment as there was no staff in the attraction to scare us but gave us insight into another service that they offered.

A personal highlight for me was the Haunted House, there was one room that had an actor in that we weren’t expecting, we walked into the room and thought it was a shadow on the wall, but then they started screaming and ran up to us which was terrifying, but also so much fun. Altogether it was a great day and a great experience for those who hadn’t been to Spookers before as well as a fun internal topic.”

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