Nice Guy Warning

01 Jun Nice Guy Warning

Mother warned me about the drinker

Liquid courage turns the man violent 

Cause my eyes to run, cheeks turn pinker 

Beating you, telling you to keep silent


Father warned me about fast cars 

Out late speeding along the wet ground 

Mornings after —found covered in scars 

Screeching tires, before the final sound 


My friends warned me about the popular guy

Abs of steel with a heart of rust 

Made sure to give every girl a try

Once he was done just left me in the dust


Everyone warned me about the drugs

The way they would distract your brain 

Make you feel alive, safe like hugs

Until it starts infecting you slowly, driving you insane 


They warn you about the bad boy

Emotionally unavailable with the cutest smile 

Use you for entertainment, no more than a toy

They let you chase, string you on for a mile


I was warned about all the evil

All the pain life would throw at me 

How it was important not to trust some people 

Prepared for all the hurt I was to see 


But no one warned me about the nice one

The one that would make you fall in love 

Some sweet mother’s little son

A symbol of joy and hope, like the dove 


Lure you in and gain your trust 

Comfort you, causing you not to fear 

Promising that it was for love and not for lust 

But it would still lead to the same despair  


Disappear without a trace 

Leaving you wondering why 

Salty tears running down your face 

No one warned me about the nice guy 


Kaley Rawlinson

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