New-Look Visual Arts Building Unveiled

03 Nov New-Look Visual Arts Building Unveiled

On Tuesday 25th October, the newly remodeled Visual Arts building was officially opened by former student, New Zealand artist Fiona Amundsen. The event coincided with the school’s Student Folio Show, which showcases student work for NCEA from the past 12 months.

The Visual Arts building has undergone extensive remodeling, with a former dark room and storage areas now transformed into a light and airy open work space for students.

Principal, Michael Williams commented:

“The previous design of the building was not well suited to modern teaching practices. We have now opened the area up to allow more flexibility in the students’ learning. It enables students to access the resources and space they need, whenever they require them.”

The upgrade has rationalised and maximised a central space which was previously divided by rooms and corridors. Five art rooms now open onto a warm, bright work area with a computer suite and display wall featuring professional gallery lighting for framed works. It also provides an area for student conferencing and collaboration for those working on layouts and larger works.

Franck Woodward, Head of Visual Arts at the college pointed out:

“It is now not uncommon to find different combinations of year levels, art disciplines and teachers working in this space during class. It is pleasing to see how quickly the students have embraced the possibilities of the space.”

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