New Faces for 2018

08 Feb New Faces for 2018

The school community welcomes a number of new teachers and staff to the team this year –

Anne Henwood – Director International Students
Sharon  Abitbol – Physics
Kelvin Goodall – HOD Biology
Jennifer Nourish – Physics
Jeffery Yang – Physics
Nuruddin Boateng – Digital Technology
Anna Voss – Hard Materials
Chloe Manihera – Food Tech
Rebecca Isemonger – Art
Alexandra Green – Guidance Counsellor
Katherin Glasse  – Early Childhood
Lewis Bostock – HOD Media
Richard Breed – HOD Music
Cameron Ualesi – Maths
Makiz Wauez – Maths
Sol Ledesma  – Spanish
Anny Ma – Chinese
Pretesh Patel – PE
Wanda  Hart – English
Joe O’Connor – English
Nicola Pietersen – English
Nelson  Potter – English
Charlotte Robinson – English
Shona Trass – English & Literacy
Mellissa Cockerel – Reception
Aimee Cook – OLC Teacher Aide (not pictured)
Nileshni Prasad  – OLC Teacher Aide
David Arrowsmith – Social Studies

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