Nelson Mandela Exhibition

08 May Nelson Mandela Exhibition

On 2nd May, a group of 60 Year 11 History students ventured off to Eden Park to visit the Nelson Mandela exhibition, as part of our study on apartheid in South Africa.

We were able to get a firm grasp on the iconic leader’s life and achievements, as well as his rise to power in South Africa. It was fascinating to see authentic books, clothes and letters that Nelson Mandela once owned and used. The exhibition really helped us as we got first hand accounts of the struggles Nelson Mandela endured by looking at letters and artifacts.

It was amazing to see that he spent 27 years in prison, so that all people of colour in South Africa could be given equal rights. Also, it was cool to see that New Zealand played a part in the fight against apartheid during the 1981 Springbok Rugby Tour, when thousands of New Zealanders protested.

After the exhibition, we travelled  to the National Library where the librarians led a workshop on the trustworthiness of websites and databases, and how to find  useful and reliable sources when completing research.

Kent Cheng (Year 11 History)

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