Model United Nations Experience

18 Aug Model United Nations Experience

On 29-30 July, a delegation of Pakuranga College students attended the Rotary sponsored Model United Nations at Auckland Girls’ Grammar. These students are members of our school’s UN Youth and Amnesty International groups.

This year, Pakuranga were allocated the role of Israel. Here’s what our students had to say about the experience:

“Three things I gained from MUNA were:

  1. Confidence in public speaking by making a convincing argument in front of an audience.
  2. Critical thinking in formulating resolutions and amendments to find solutions to challenging problems.
  3. The ability to consider other people and countries’ perspective and come to a constructive decision.”

“‘I gained experience in representing a nation and how to maintain their priorities when decision making, developed diplomacy skills when engaging with countries that have opposing views or don’t even recognise Israel as a state, and gained a greater understanding of the process of building allyship and the power this can have when making regional decisions.”

Thank you to AGGS and Rotary, with a special mention for Pakuranga Rotary who helped finance our attendance at MUNA.

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