Meeting Elizabeth Eckford

13 Aug Meeting Elizabeth Eckford


Meeting Elizabeth Eckford, one of the 1957 Little Rock Nine

Last week, Year 11 History students travelled to James Cook High School to listen to Elizabeth Eckford talk about her experiences as a prominent historical figure in the Black Civil Rights Movement in America. We were treated to three presentations.

First, a speaker from the US Consulate in Auckland explained how the US election process works, and especially how it relates to the Presidency race already in motion. After this, Dr Eurydice Stanley discussed police brutality in America with her personal story. It showed us how African-Americans can still find themselves experiencing racism today.

The last presentation was an interview with Elizabeth Eckford, who discussed her emotions during her first day of school, as one of nine African-American students who were integrated into Little Rock Central High School in Arkansas, in 1957. She was still very affected by this event, which made us feel a large amount of empathy for her.

This trip was an amazing opportunity. It meant we could fully understand that history happens to real people, not just ‘characters’ in a story book. On behalf of all of the Year 11 history students, thank you to our teachers for organising this wonderful trip.

By Kieran Trainor (Year 11 History student)


Foreground: Dr Davison with Mrs Siljeur, Background: Dr Eurydice Stanley and Elizabeth Eckford


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