Meet Your Head Students for 2019!

27 Feb Meet Your Head Students for 2019!

Hello my name is Elimeleki Feki and I am pleased and grateful to be one of the Head Students for Pakuranga College in 2019. I am very excited for this role and to work with the other three head students.

I am full Tongan and very proud of my heritage and what it stands for. I was born in Wellington and lived there until I was eleven. I moved to Auckland in 2013 and attended St Pius X Catholic School in Glen Innes until 2014.

I am passionate about the roles I take within the school and love the experience and lessons I gain from them. I was a proud Pohutukawa House Leader and Peer Supporter for 2018, Pasifika Leader, Tongan cultural group leader, Student tutor and involved in other groups within the school. What I am excited for the most as a Head Student is that I am able to give back what was given to me as a Year 9 student. I am honoured that I have this platform to serve the school and the students within it.

My journey to this role was not only a leadership journey but a journey of self discovery as I learnt a lot about myself in this process and am excited to continue to learn in the upcoming year. My plans for life after college is to study Bio-Med and become a general practitioner. I am very humbled to have received this position and I hope that I can utilise it and make an impact in our school. 2019 will be an amazing year!


Hello, my name is Erin MacLean and I am not only honoured, but so excited to be selected alongside three other awesome people as a Head Student for 2019. This has been a dream of mine since year 10, so I’m thrilled to have that be a reality.

I was born in Auckland, New Zealand and haven’t lived anywhere else. Before starting at Pakuranga College, I attended Wakaaranga Primary and Farm Cove Intermediate. During my time at Pakuranga, I’ve been very involved in the Safe School Council and have been being more recently involved in the Shakespeare Players, Social Netball and have been in a school production, as well as participating in the annual House Arts Challenge. I am a part of Pohutukawa House and have been fortunate enough to be selected as a House Leader for two years.

My plans for when I finish school are forever changing, but I would love to go into studying Psychology or Biomed at the University of Auckland.  I have always felt that my passion revolves around supporting people and working at positively influencing them, and hope to have this as the centre of my future career. For now, I am really looking forward to the year ahead! I hope to make a positive impact as a Head Student and give back to the school that has provided me with such an incredible opportunity


Hello, my name is Sam White, and I am honored to be selected as one of the Head Students for Pakuranga College in 2019!

I was born and raised in New Zealand, Auckland, and previous to attending Pakuranga College, I went to Botany Downs Primary and Howick Intermediate. From a young age, I have had a strong passion for sports which has led me to playing and representing Pakuranga College in cricket, football, athletics, and hockey. Through my love of sports, I have had multiple opportunities to travel and meet so many new people, as well as learn lots of things about life and leadership. I am a big believer that sport is a great way to not only keep fit but that it also offers so many opportunities to socialise and improve yourself as a person.

I have been lucky enough to be a Totara House leader and peer support person for 2 years, which has given me the opportunities to attend functions such as the Sir Peter Blake Leadership Camp, which was an incredible experience. As well as this, I have been involved in multiple of the fun and exciting inter-house competitions such as swimming sports and House Arts.

Through owning various pets and being exposed to wildlife on farms and in the wild, I have grown to love animals, which is why I would like to pursue a career as a vet after I finish school. As Head Student, I hope to inspire students to make the most of their time at Pakuranga College and everything that it has to offer!


Hello, my name is Sue Lynn Leong and I’m so humbled to be given the privilege of being a Head Student for 2019!

I was born in Malaysia but lived in Macau from an early age, before my family and I moved to New Zealand in 2007. I attended Owairoa Primary and Bucklands Beach Intermediate before coming to Pakuranga College.

Since starting piano lessons at a young age, I’ve developed a passion for music. I love both its expressive and logical aspects as well as its ability to connect lots of different people together. During my time at Pakuranga College, I’ve been very involved in co-curriculars in and out of school, including Enviro Council, Concert Band, church youth band, hockey and as a student librarian. Through each of these, I’ve learnt to push myself outside my comfort zone, think outside the box and the importance of a positive attitude. I have always been dedicated and a hard worker which has helped me to achieve my goals.

After leaving college, I hope to pursue a career in teaching, specialising in science and music, as I am very passionate about people. I want to give back to the school and community by inspiring others to make the most of their opportunities and learn more about themselves to reach their full potential. Always feel free to come and say hi if you see me around!


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