MCAT Examination 18th September

16 Aug MCAT Examination 18th September

On Tuesday the 18th of September, many Level 1 students in New Zealand will be sitting their first ever external examination. This examination is separate from all other external examinations which will take place during November. The Mathematics Common Assessment Task (MCAT) is a one-hour examination and will involve all Pakuranga Students who take the 11MTA, 11MTB and 10MTX course. It will not involve students in 11MTN or 11MTO.

Students are preparing for this exam in class and there are opportunities for additional help Wednesday’s after school, and tutorials offered by the Mathematics Faculty in the lead up to the examination. There will also be a practice assessment task during the senior exams (4-12 September).

The MCAT examination is on Tuesday the 18th of September, starting at 8.40am.
Those students in 11MTN and 11MTO (who are not doing the exam) can either study at home during Periods 1 and 2 and come to school for tutor class at 10.40am or study in the library for the morning.

We encourage all students in 11MTA and 11MTB to make the most of their learning opportunities as they prepare for this exam, and if they are finding the content difficult, ask questions in class and then make use of the additional learning opportunities on offer.

If you have any questions, please contact Steve Jupp (Head of Department – Level 1 Mathematics) or Thur Borren (Head of Faculty – Mathematics):

Steve Jupp
Thur Borren


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