Marine Monitoring & Weather Watch

18 Aug Marine Monitoring & Weather Watch

Marine Metre Squared Project

On 9 August eleven Science students (also from the Environment Council), with Miss de Roo, went down to Eastern Beach with the goal to find as many organisms and species as we could on the beach and the rocks.

We went down to the beach with Teresa Morrell, from the University of Otago’s Marine Science Centre. She facilitates sessions for the Marine Metre Squared project. Their goal is to mark one metre squared areas and count the number of animals and organisms within the square, to monitor how it changes and help keep them living in the changing environments.

This was a great experience as I learned so much from the number of snails in one square (150), to why some of the species are coloured and how they survive. It was hands-on and everyone got involved and by the end of it we even found some crabs and starfish which were exciting and fun to see. Overall, I loved the experience and hope to do it again and go back and see how the area we looked at this year has changed over the years.

Lisa Scott – Year 12

Watching Weather for Auckland Council

On 2 August members of the Environmental Council had a presentation from the Auckland Council representative and past Pakuranga College pupil Georgia Spankie, about the college’s weather monitoring site, which has recently been moved onto the school field.

The talk was very interesting and informative, highlighting the excellent work that the council does to monitor rainfall and other environmental conditions across Tāmaki Makaurau. The students were able to get up close and personal with the monitoring equipment and ask some probing questions about the work that is carried out. Thanks Georgia for coming to visit, the session really highlighted to all present the importance of caring and monitoring the environment.

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