Trip to Te Pakira Marae

08 Jul Trip to Te Pakira Marae

On Friday 2nd July, the Senior Te Reo Māori class left for a noho marae. We stayed at Te Pakira Marae, Whakarewarewa, Rotorua. This is the living Māori village, where the local iwi, Tūhourangi/Ngāti Wāhiao, have been welcoming people for over 130 years.

Friday afternoon we had a great wānanga learning about Te Whakarewarewatanga o te ope taua o Wahiao, (the full name of Whakarewarewa) with Pāpā Wairangi Jones and Whaea Bella. We were guided around the village on a private tour. We were then able to make connections from our own to the Wāhiao Whare because there are many carved ancestors such as Kahungunu, Hoturoa, and Toroa. We found this was one of the biggest learning moments, because we could connect ourselves to the carving, saying that this was our ancestor.

Saturday morning, we were up with the birds, to take a brisk walk around some of the natural mud pools and experience the geothermal wonders in a time most wouldn’t be able to. After breakfast, a good effort was made on working on our kōrero aromatawai. We had lunch and prepared to head into Rotorua town ship to explore some of the area. On Saturday evening, we journeyed to the incredible waters of Waikite Valley, where we melted the stress away in the geothermal hot pools.

Our head boy, Michael Long, summed up the trip with this quote: “It was really cool being in an environment where Māori wasn’t the second choice and it was a cool bonding experience.” One thing that surprised Jannise Graham, was being able to find the connections “between my tribe and others”.

On behalf of the class, we would like to thank Mr Merchant, Mr Jones, Whaea Bella and Pāpā Wairangi for their support on our Haerenga. The experience was second to none, we are unlikely to forget it anytime soon.

Nāku i runga i āku mihi ki a koe.

Shanna Rope | Upoko o te tari Māori/ TiC Te Ao Māori


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