Love Me Not Programme

21 Jun Love Me Not Programme

11th June 45 of our year 12 Health students had the opportunity to participate in a full-day workshop called ‘Loves Me Not’. The programme focusses on relationship abuse and was delivered by community police constable Matt Green.

Relationship abuse and family violence are one of New Zealand’s biggest social and criminal issues. Insidious behaviour is often dismissed during the early stages of a relationship when things are new and exciting. However, once someone has taken the power away from another person, it is often very difficult for the victim to get out.

Through education, young people are able to recognise:
• if they are in an abusive relationship, and how to get help before it becomes more difficult to leave
• if any of their behaviours are abusive and controlling and get help to change these behaviours before they harm someone
• the early signs of abuse, and to make early choices to reject abusive relationships.

Link to Nigel Latta talking about the Loves Me Not programme.

Our students found this to be an interesting topic to learn more about, not just because its an important social issue, affecting people in this country but also as part of their own personal development. Some of the comments we can share from our students are;

“This programme was engaging and taught us the severity of the domestic violence through Sophie Elliot’s story.” (Bronte, Amy & Maddy)

“This programme taught me to value myself and to speak up”

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