17 Sep Bloom

Look at your fluorescent smile, 

As it lights up the mirror full of doubt that flooded your mind for a while. 

I see red, I see pink and the blue is down the sink,

Because those nights you used to cry with those teardrops trickling from your eyes have been erased in a blink, those tattoos didn’t ink. 


I could be talking to anyone when I say that I love you 

But how many times have you had that message sink through to you? 

It’s difficult facing your scary thoughts, especially those that you thought you’ve fought 

And that’s ok because I know I’m still going through the motions, I’m still trying to give my health some time and devotion 

However, I’ll say don’t look at the universe to define who you should be, but let your joyous attributes be the first thing you see

For love heals the tears of sorrow that drown within the sea. 


Love. Give yourself love

Without love, who are you? 

Time is like food, don’t waste what you chew

What things do you want to pursue?

Give yourself a clue before your time becomes overdue

How many years will it take you to release what’s true? 


You’re more than what money can buy 

So please I’m begging you, don’t be shy.


From every crevice of my heart and the frontal lobe of my brain,

I’m telling you that I myself understand your pain

So, rise above the darkness and bloom above the surface

Because I know that you are not the laughing stock of the circus. 


Noyiuki Obasuyi – Year 13 

Hello everyone! I really enjoy spreading kindness and positivity, as well as motivating people through their times of strife. I also love expressing myself through diary writing and poetry, as it allows me to convey my feelings through the art of language.




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