learning in a supportive environment

Providing a caring, personal and respectful environment


To encourage a sense of belonging in a large school, each student belongs to one of six Houses. These smaller groups ensure that all students are treated as individuals.


Each House has a Dean and an Assistant Dean who are responsible for the academic success and wellbeing of all the students in the House.


Within each House, students belong to a tutor group with other students from Years 9 to 13. The tutor teacher for each group works closely with students and their parents to ensure that their time at Pakuranga College is enjoyable and successful.


Senior students also take an important role in supporting junior students as Peer Support Leaders.


Find out more about Pakuranga College Houses here.


The work of the Dean and tutors is supported by college youth workers, guidance counsellors and the school nurse. Students can access any of these support services during the school day.


The College also operates a tutor system, where any student can request help with their academic work from either a registered student tutor or tutor teacher.


For more information about these services, please click here.


Communication with parents is essential to students’ learning as it supports the learning partnership between the student, parents and the College. Where parents have questions or concerns, we make it our business to listen.


All students receive four progress reports throughout the year. These reports contain feedback on students’ learning habits and academic grades. There are also tutor evenings, group conference days and verbal report evenings throughout the year which provide parents with the opportunity to meet with their child’s teacher and discuss learning.


Parents also have the ability to access their child’s progress and attendance reports at any time via our online Parent Portal.

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