Kyle Takes to the Skies

09 Feb Kyle Takes to the Skies

Over the summer break, Kyle Chand had a once in a lifetime opportunity. He learned to fly a plane!

As part of a programme run by the Walsh Memorial Scouts Flying School, Kyle was sponsored by Pakuranga Rotary Club to attend a two week course in solo flying. The sponsorship selection process was rigorous, involving a written application and an interview and all applicants are required to have a passion for flying and a desire to follow a career in aviation. Once selected, two thirds of the cost of the course was generously provided by Pakuranga Rotary Club, but Kyle had to find the remainder himself.

This year’s programme had over 100 participants (40 ab-initio students, 30 return students, various amounts of volunteers, staff and student staff). Students were required to adhere to a strict timetable which included the study of meteorology and air traffic control systems in addition to flying. There was also a tough written exam to contend with but finally, on 21st January, Kyle had his first solo flight in a PA30 Tommahawk Echo Victor Delta (EVD).

Kyle commented:

“I really loved the flying, aerobatics, living and working with new people my age who are also studying in aviation and learning about the various careers and opportunities presented by people directly involved in the aviation industry.”

He added:

“Throughout this camp I feel that I have matured a lot and have come a lot closer to achieving my goal of becoming a pilot. I loved every minute of it! I met many experienced pilots and aviation experts as well as other students aiming for a career in aviation and I feel as though they have helped me gain a better understanding of the industry and how I can go about achieving my goals.  I cannot thank the Pakuranga Rotary Club and the Careers department at Pakuranga College enough for giving me such an amazing experience.”


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