Kawhia Trip for Whanau Tutor

21 Mar Kawhia Trip for Whanau Tutor

Each year Whanau tutor go to Mokai Kainga Marae for Whakawhanungatanga, to strengthen the relationships between students in the group, the school staff, and members of the Marae. We learn about the local legends surround the area and visit Tangitekorowhiti, the tree the Tainui waka tied its rope to when it first arrived in Kawhia. It is also mentioned in our school Haka, Toku Toi Huarewa, which we also teach new students. We visit the resting place of the Tainui waka at Maketu Marae and pay our respects. The bonding that occurs in Kwhia really sets the tone for Whanau Tutor for the rest of the year.

“On Friday the 16th of March Whanau Tutor drove down to Mokai Kainga marae in Kawhia for the weekend. We all had a mean time bonding with one and other, with all of the games that the teachers set up and just the games we played in our spare time.

We all came back with much more knowledge about tikanga Maori through Matua Nick and Matua Peter’s stories. Whanau tutor was blessed with all of the kai including a hangi on the last day prepared by Matua Nick, Whaea Linda and two of their grand-daughters. It was also amazing when we visited the resting spot of the Tainui Waka in Kawhia town which was the waka of many of our members. But the most amazing thing was the performance of the school haka that shows that hard work pays off. The haka made Whaea Shanz and Whaea Liv cry with joy and was by far the best performance we have done as a group.

Those were just a few of the highlights of our trip other than blasting our music and the amazing skits. But all of this would not have been possible without the staff: Ms Taylor, Mr Borren, Whaea Shanz, Whaea Liv (and even though he was unable to make it) Matua Heemi. The trip was amazing and we can’t wait until next year.” –  by Michael Long and Lucas Graham (Year 10)


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