Japan Trip 2019

09 May Japan Trip 2019

On 10th of April, sixteen Year 12 & 13 Pakuranga College students along with three teachers travelled to Japan.

We were there for 16 amazing days, 9 of those were travelling around Japan – visiting, Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima and Miyajima, seeing the modern and traditional tourist attractions. The other 7 days were spent in Toyama at our sister school, and living with our homestay families.

This would have to be the best experience of my life. The highlights for me were the drastic cultural difference between New Zealand and Japan, and also how close everyone on the trip got. We all became good friends quickly and that was something that shocked me. Another highlight was definitely the homestay experience. It was the part of the trip that I was most nervous for because of how shy I can be around new people and the fact that I have to live with a family that I have just met. However, it definitely was a surprise to me how much it started to feel like home and how comfortable I felt around them.

I knew about this trip from Year 9, but I never thought it would be a possibility for me. But, last year in Year 11 when they were talking to us about the coming trip, I knew it was an opportunity I couldn’t miss out on. I’m so incredibly grateful for this opportunity and I know everyone else on the trip is too. I would definitely recommend this trip to students Year 11 and under who take Japanese, it was definitely worth it.

Janani Balasubramaniam Year 12


The Japan trip has been a huge upcoming event that I and many of my friends have been waiting for since we first heard about it in Year 10. I’ve seen many seniors go on the trip and come back with many stories to tell. My friends and I definitely knew this was going to be worthwhile.

Finally, the day came and the very first day was fast paced and exciting. The the realisation that we were in Japan did not hit till we got to our first hotel. The whole experience was so surreal and it was one of the best experiences in my life. The host family was really nice, the school had me ecstatic and we all got along very well.

Having never seen any of the Year 12s, I was surprised I could casually speak with them straight off the bat. I highly suggest for anyone who plans on studying Japanese until Year 12 or 13 that they go on this trip. It’s worth every cent. Good people, good teachers, good food and overall a dream-like experience.

Selina Gee Year 13


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