Interview With Miss Chan

28 Mar Interview With Miss Chan

Have you ever wondered what teachers spend their weekends doing? What kind of things did they get up to when they were our age? How did they end up at Pakuranga College? Here at the Pakage, we want to fill you in on all the juicy gossip and insights on the teachers at our school. So, for every edition, we will be interviewing a new teacher for you to find out more about their interesting lives, secret talents, and their advice for you as a high school student.

This edition’s special teacher is Miss Chan…
Microsoft, Auckland District Health Board, The Ted Talk, AUT  and Pakuranga College. What do all of these have in common? They all relate to us; the service and purpose of their establishments are dedicated to the betterment of the lives of people. Technology, health and education – for us. At least once in our lives, we have been impacted by one of these institutions. But what else do they have in common?

At one point in time, in the past or even now, they have encountered Pakuranga College’s beloved teacher, Miss Chan!

During your last, almost-2-years in this college, you may have been lucky enough to know Miss Chan as one of your very own teachers. Miss Chan is a beloved teacher who many students appreciate for the warm environment she creates within her classrooms. Throughout her life, she has had many experiences, contributed to awesome projects, and impacted so many lives through her teaching and knowledge.

If you feel ignorant of her achievements and capabilities, fear not, but be prepared to be educated about Miss Chan’s life.

Once a high school student, Miss Chan attended our neighbouring college, Botany Downs. Like many seniors this year, she struggled to find what she specifically wanted to do. Spoiler alert – she did not settle for just one thing. Let’s give you a run down. At the end of Year 13, former head student, Miss Chan, joined a national competition, developing Driver Safety App Iris, which soon led her into becoming a Microsoft Student Partner! Miss Chan attended university under the scholarship: Vice Chancellors Significant Student, studying for a Bachelor of Health Sciences which allowed her to continue making an impact in the health and education industry.

Her involvement with Microsoft did not stop after becoming a Student Partner, as she has done significant work in New Zealand and Australia in previous years. Prior to working at Pakuranga College as a health and PE teacher, she founded and scaled the Microsoft Student Accelerator Program in Australia. This program gave amazing opportunities to students as they were able to gain notable work experience in work placements organised by Miss Chan and her team. Read more about this directly on the Microsoft Website if you are interested in becoming a Microsoft Student Accelerator yourself. At this point, she loved working at the intersection of Health, Technology and Education. And so, she continued to work as a Researcher and has even become a published author at the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. Miss Chan was involved in the development of an app for the Auckland District Health Board where resident medical officers are able to find crucial information quickly with the ease of modernity.

Miss Chan is truly impressive, but also inspiring. In the midst of her feats, she has not failed to give back to her community and it is evident within all her projects. After becoming a Student Partner for Microsoft; Miss Chan developed a program that allowed more students to receive opportunities like she did. After graduating with a Bachelor of Health Science; Miss Chan contributed to various community health researches. After winning a competition that opened many doors for her; Miss Chan founded her own local Biztech Competition where young people are able to make a difference. In fact, YOU can even sign up here. And now, she continues to educate the youth not only at Pakuranga College but also at AUT and at Brainbox – a tutoring service with one of the most affordable fees in Aotearoa, making education as accessible as possible!

With all of these achievements, what was it that motivated her to continue? Miss Chan is a firm believer that;

“It is the people that make, or break, a place.”

Throughout our interview with Miss Chan, she has not failed to express gratitude towards the people she has met throughout her journey. She says “I enjoy working with people, both students and teachers”, and that connecting with people is what actually set her up for success. She also emphasises her gratitude towards her old Careers Department at Botany Downs, and encourages the students of Pakuranga College to reach out to Ms O’Neill and her team! Her love for working with people is also the reason why she has chosen to work at Pakuranga College, she says it is a “rewarding and growing space to work in” and she is most grateful to have had the opportunity to try working in an educational environment as she believes she has discovered that this is where she truly belongs.

If there are three things Miss Chan would like to leave with the students of Pakuranga college, it would be these;

  1. Learn to prioritise and not overwork yourself.
  2. You never know if you don’t try.
  3. And most importantly, if you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life.

Miss Chan speaks with passion, and care for her community as well as an inspiring love for knowledge and learning.

So, in your next season of ice breakers at the start of School Year 2024, when your teachers ask you who your role model is, maybe you can tell them that they are one of the very teachers of Pakuranga College, Miss Jackie Chan.

Presented by editors Abby Plom – Year 11 and Pollen Marcuelo – Year 12

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