International Students Visit Otago University

08 Jul International Students Visit Otago University

Why study at the University of Otago?  And where is it?

In Week 8, three of our Year 13 international students were lucky enough to find out!

Mike Yu, Tom Lei and Cindy Tian took a 2 hour flight, from Auckland to Dunedin Airport. On arrival,  they joined other international students from Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch on a 30 minute bus ride through pretty countryside to the campus of Otago University. The purpose of the visit was to find out what it would be like to study there instead of Auckland.

We saw the halls of residence where students live and eat, and also visited the huge library and facilities – the anatomy museum was amazing, full of ancient skeletons! Otago University is famous for its medical and dentistry faculties, but also teaches law, education, sciences and arts. This university is popular with students as everything can be reached on foot, and it is easy to make friends as most students live in halls of residence on campus. It gave us lots to think about!

Many thanks to the staff of Otago University for looking after us and sponsoring this trip!

by Denise Berry, Director of International Students

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