Intercollegiate Equestrian Competition

05 Apr Intercollegiate Equestrian Competition

Skyla Fewtrell and Minu Fleming represented Pakuranga College at the Schools’ Equestrian Ribbon Day held on Wednesday 22 March. The event was held at Coatesville Pony Club, so it was quite a trek to get there with two horses and a horse float,  over the Harbour Bridge and through morning rush hour traffic! They left home at 5.30am and the drive took two hours – showing real dedication to their sport!

The event was run with teams of 4 students pooling their results to find the overall winning school. Our two Pakuranga College riders combined with a rider from Sancta Maria College and a rider from Avondale College to make up a combined team.

Skyla and Minu rode in the Novice hack ring, where there was a very high standard of competition. Skyla did very well to come 1st in Best Pony Club Mount, 2nd in Eye Opener Jump, 2nd in Tip and Out, and 4th in Best Jumping Combination.

The girls and their horses were well turned out and proudly represented our school. Many thanks to Mr Clint Fewtrell for four hours of driving (!) and for accompanying the girls during the day.

Denise Berry, Director of International Students



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