Interactors Help Out at Rotary Carnival

15 Mar Interactors Help Out at Rotary Carnival

On Sunday 12 March, Pakuranga Rotary held their annual carnival at Bramley Reserve, and a team of our school’s Interact Council members came along to help the ‘Rotarians’ run the event. The event was a major success, with Interact operating the sausage sizzle, mussel fritters sale, and even making candy floss and popcorn for carnival attendees!

Rotary is an international volunteer organisation that aims to provide humanitarian service and give back to the community, valuing fellowship and leadership. All the proceeds made from the Rotary Carnival will be going back into the community and helping the residents of Pakuranga, so we know our efforts will be noticed!

Thank you to all our Interactors that took time out of their weekend to take part in the Rotary Carnival, as well as to Pakuranga Rotary for giving us the opportunity to get involved and give back to our community!

Pahul Parmar and Lin Swe Hlaing
Interact Co-chairs

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