Interact Members Attend World Vision Youth Conference

14 May Interact Members Attend World Vision Youth Conference

On Monday 10th May, nine senior students from the Interact Council were selected to participate in the annual World Vision Youth Conference held at Victory Convention Centre. Many schools around the Upper North Island were present at this event, and we ended the day by making some new friends!

The first activity was a scavenger hunt, where we went around the auditorium and collected as many pegs as we could, each colour representing a different item of food we could have for morning tea. As stealing was allowed, we worked together as a school to make sure we protected the pegs we collected, whilst also splitting off to attempt to steal other schools’ pegs.

Afterwards, we realised that this was a simulation of our current reality. People in other countries, who are less fortunate than us, are constantly trying to scavenge for food, clean water, shelter and other necessities that most of us are lucky enough to already have here in New Zealand. It opened our eyes and further inspired us to start our next event as a council and raise money and awareness for those experiencing the worst hunger crisis ever in sub-Saharan Africa, as they are already having to battle the Covid-19 pandemic.

We were honoured to have a variety of guest speakers with different backgrounds and experiences to talk to us about leadership skills and how we, as young students, are still able to create change in our current reality. After the day was over, we eagerly started planning for the 40 Hour Famine coming up next month, and hope to motivate other students and staff to participate.

by Alizah Master Interact Council Co-chair

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