Interact Council attends World Vision Youth Conference

21 Mar Interact Council attends World Vision Youth Conference

On Monday 19th March, 8 members from the Interact Council Executive team had the fantastic opportunity to attend the World Vision Youth Conference. It was a conference “designed to ignite a passion for justice and equality in young New Zealanders.”

The conference was an incredibly eye-opening experience which broadened our horizons, challenged our perspectives, and opened us up to the great big world around us.

On the day, there were many talented speakers present, including Abe Nouk (pictured below with the students) and Chris Jupp. They shared their inspiring personal life journeys with a full crowd which is no easy feat! It was easy for the audience to relate to the speakers as they were just like us: young motivated people who want to bring about positive change in the world.

This conference hyped up the fellow Pakuranga College Interact Council Executive members for this year’s upcoming 2018 40 Hour Famine. The Interact Council hopes to apply the values, lessons and ideas they learned at the conference within our own school. They have many ideas to encourage student participation from the whole school  in the 40 Hour Famine. This year, the focus will be on the children of South Sudan. It was heart-breaking to learn of the South Sudan refugee crisis; particularly about the thousands of young children affected.

The Pakuranga College Interact Council encourages all students here at the college to come together as one and get involved with the 40 Hour Famine!

We would also like to thank Mrs Siljeur for planning and accompanying the students on the trip.

by Charles Yao, Year 13

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