Interact Brings Aroha to Valentine’s Day

02 Mar Interact Brings Aroha to Valentine’s Day

While our love was directed towards the recovery efforts of Cyclone Gabrielle on Tuesday 14 February, Valentine’s Day was not forgotten at Pakuranga College!

On 16 February, Interact hosted its annual Valentine’s Day balloon fundraiser in support of the New Zealand Heart Foundation. The annual event sees red heart-shaped balloons being sold for $2 each to give to friends, whānau, and loved ones.

To make the day even sweeter, Interact also hosted a Valentine-themed bake sale! A variety of delicious treats made by Interact’s own members were sold outside the McRae Library for students and staff to enjoy.

A roaring success, this year’s event raised a record-breaking donation of more than $2,000. And that wasn’t the only record! Year 13 student, Daniel Shen, received 300 balloons – we’re just not sure how he got them all home!

A huge thank you to the students of Interact, who put in many hours to make this event possible. We can’t wait to see what these good sorts do next!

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