Inaugural Year 10 Leadership Camp

07 Jul Inaugural Year 10 Leadership Camp

Leadership is to influence and guide people, motivate your peers, and show integrity no matter the circumstances. These skills make the exceptional leaders currently at Pakuranga College, but over the course of two days, 33 lucky Year 10 students got to start developing our own leadership skills. For the first time ever we had a Year 10 leadership camp at Camp Adair! 

Each student was selected because of their leadership skills already, but this camp was an amazing chance to grow this even further. Every individual there was very unique, with their own unique leadership style, but despite this we united together to learn more about ourselves and how to become an exceptional leader. 

Throughout the camp, we pushed ourselves out of our comfort zones, trying things like mountain biking, rock climbing, and the highlight of most people’s trip, the thrilling high swing. Team building activities were another big factor in this camp, we learned how to effectively communicate using Duplo blocks, working together as a team to complete fun challenges and of course some sports games! This camp was such a fun, insightful experience, even with the rain and the cold around us, we still managed to have a great time and made so many new connections. 

I believe that my highlight of this experience was meeting so many new like-minded people, who were all so enthusiastic about supporting one another and trying everything out even if they were a little scared. Overall, I think on behalf of all students who attended this camp, we can say it was a great opportunity we will never forget and we can’t wait to start implementing some of our newly learnt leadership skills! 

Abby Plom – Year 10 

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