Ice Cream and Business: A Match Made in Heaven!

30 Mar Ice Cream and Business: A Match Made in Heaven!

Our Level 1 Business and Economics students learned from their trip to the Tip Top ice cream factory that not just cream is needed for a good ice cream company, but also marketing, sales, and effective resources! From their exploration of the facilities, students were able to learn about efficiencies and disruptions to supply chains, as well as the effects Covid had on the business.

Making their way through the production process, from the storing and treating of raw materials all the way through to food technologists and their role in developing new products, students gained valuable insight into the behind-the-scenes aspects of successful companies. Considering the purchase of Tip Top by a foreign multinational and some recent capital investment, this year’s tour provided new insights into how the business has developed and streamlined some of its processes within the last couple of years.

Finishing the day off with an ice cream of their choosing, it’s clear these students have learned valuable tips and tools that will help develop their own business journeys.

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