House Arts Challenge to Benefit City Mission

20 Jun House Arts Challenge to Benefit City Mission

Arts Challenge to Benefit City Mission

Pakuranga College held its annual House Arts Challenge.  Over 230 students participated, and they just had 2 days to prepare (10 am to 4 pm on each day), this is called the “Creative Burst” in which they have to come up with, develop and practise their act, before performing in front of a full paying audience! What makes this such a fun and interesting initiative, is that there is no teacher involvement, the event is totally student-led.

House Arts Challenge, in its current form, started in 2009 and each year since a charity is chosen by the students as the recipient of the proceeds from ticket sales. This year, proceeds will go to Auckland City Mission and the overall winners for the House Arts Challenge was Matai House.

This event is an important part of the peer support, and student-led culture of the school and helps promote these aspects and promote the bond members of each House has to each.  Each Pakuranga College student belongs to one of six houses.  To encourage a sense of belonging in a very large school. These smaller groups ensure that all students are treated as individuals. Each House has a Dean and an Assistant Dean who are responsible for the academic success and well-being of all the students in the House.

Winners: Dance, Totara House

Winners: Band, Kauri House

Winners: Visual Arts, Matai House

Winners: Spoken Word, Matai House

Overall winner House Arts Challenge 2018: Matai House

Congratulations guys!

View all the pictures here from our facebook album

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