Group Conferences Move Online, New Date

17 Mar Group Conferences Move Online, New Date

Group Conference appointments for Year 10-13 students have moved to 31 March. Please keep reading for details. 

When are they?
Group Conferences will be held on Thursday 31 March, between 8:40am – 8:00pm.  You can select a 20-minute appointment convenient to you throughout this time slot.

How do I book my conference?
Bookings are now live. We are using the same online booking system that we normally use for parent teacher interviews.

  1. Go to
  2. Event code: rz9y5
  3. Enter your details
  4. From the grey tutor box select your child’s tutor code and name and click on the green “Go” box
  5. Select the 20-minute time slot that you would like
  6. Click “Go” to confirm


In addition to my child’s Tutor Teacher, who else can I book an appointment to see?
Our Optimal Learning Centre is open throughout the conference day to meet with students with special educational needs and their parents. To make an appointment select “SENCO – Mrs Singh” from the dropdown menu.

Parents of Maori and Pasifika students are also invited to make a time to meet with Ms Rita Enari who is our academic mentor at the college. To make an appointment, select “Pasifika Mentor – Ms Enari” from the drop-down menu.

Parents who are interested in discussing future careers opportunities may book a time with our careers staff. To make an appointment, select “Careers – Miss O’Neill” or “Careers – Mrs Faamalepe” from the drop-down menu.

Your child will have begun work on their goals and aspirations document – please ask them to share this with you. You can expect to hear from your child’s tutor teacher with details of how to meet online.

All students, including Year 9, will be learning from home this day, however, the school library will be open for those students who cannot be supervised at home.

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