Games by 10PDT Ideal for Winter Indoors

09 Jun Games by 10PDT Ideal for Winter Indoors

During this semester in our 10PDT class, we have designed and made indoor game units. This is an amazing class where we have learnt many practical skills such as how to use the workshop equipment including the bandsaw, the scroll saw, the drill press, and all the different types of sanders (there are so many sanders). We learnt how to make a whole range of woodwork joints such as mitre joints, finger joints, and common dovetail joints and these allowed us to create strong products, since without these joints many of the frames created would have fallen apart. Throughout the semester, we also learnt about the design process, which is used by designers and engineers to break a project down into manageable chunks so it can be done as simply as possible. We were able to use the stages in the design process to create better designs while working easily with each task.

For my project, I made a mini hockey game and my favourite part was using the bandsaw to cut out the pieces, which is like a massive scroll saw and was fun to use. I created the frame for my game with mitre joints and finger joints. The most challenging joint of all to make was the mitre joint since to create a successful joint, both pieces of wood needed to be cut exactly at 45 degrees. I used a spline to strengthen the mitre joint and to also add a bit of colour contrast against the pine wood frame. I had cut a slot in the mitre joint and glued a piece of rimu wood as my spline. I sanded it down to make it smooth and level with the pine wood frame. As a result of adding a spline my project did not fall apart, allowing me to create a strong, enjoyable and playable game.

One of the most important skills that I have learnt while designing and constructing my mini hockey game was “evaluating my work, as this will help me make improvements on anything I do.” Through my evaluation as explained above, I was able to make my mitre joints stronger with a spline. Similarly, according to Jacqueline, “the most important skill (that she has) learnt is that when some parts don’t go to plan, (you should) think about a solution to fix the problem instead of giving up.” She worked tirelessly to cut out 42 holes on her boards while making her connect four game unit. Other students highlighted “communication and team work”, “how to make many joints”, and “learning how to use most of the machines” as the most important skills that they have learnt.

Samuel Hiley – 10 Product Design Technology

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