Emily Stitches Up a Win at Armageddon

07 Nov Emily Stitches Up a Win at Armageddon

In my free time outside of school I enjoy to sew costumes. This year I decided to challenge myself to make a costume and enter it in the cosplay competition at Auckland Armageddon Expo, which took place over Labour weekend this year.

To enter in the competition you have to make at least 75% of the costume yourself and you have to send in a construction diary filled with what resources you used, a description of how you made everything, and why you made the choices on the costume you did. Then, over the weekend, everyone who entered was given a judging time where we had to go meet the judge of the contest and they looked over our costume.

At the end of the weekend everyone came together to see the costumes on the main stage and the awards where given out. Overall there are two categories: Novice and Open. I ended up winning the Novice category. It was cool getting an award to reward the hard work I had put in.

The costume I entered was Zelda from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Making this dress was a big challenge and I learnt how to do so much, from properly patterning pieces from scratch to learning how to use french seams and how to sew on bias tape in a way that leaves the stitching invisible. I hope to enter more competitions in the future and I recommend them to anyone who would like to challenge themselves on the next Armageddon costume. 

by Emily Stone, Year 12


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