Elimeleki Heads to Otago on Experience Scholarship

23 May Elimeleki Heads to Otago on Experience Scholarship

In May, I had the privilege of going down to Otago University as part of a Pacific On Campus Experience Scholarship programme that I was accepted into. This was a three day scholarship in which I was given the opportunity to experience what life would be like as a student in University. This programme opened up my eyes to the wider world, as I was able to sit in lectures about the paths I could possibly follow after leaving high school.

This programme was based around the Pacific Centre in Otago and highlighted the support system that we, as Pasifika students, have in Otago. It was truly inspiring to see the hardworking Pasifika students ranging from different backgrounds, cities and potential degrees, all there in the Pacific Centre giving back to their community. We learnt about that opportunities we have and as a Pasifika I was able to recognise how lucky I am to have all these programmes, mentoring, events, etc open for me if I choose to go to Otago University.

Going down for the programme gave me the opportunity to gain new connections and relationships. I met 41 amazing Year 13 Pasifika students from around New Zealand. We all shared a common interest: this being that we all wanted to succeed and excel in our journey. I was also able to meet the amazing staff behind the Scholarship Programme who are paving the way for young P.I students like myself, so that we may have the right resources to achieve.

I am truly grateful for the experience and have learnt so much about not only university life, but myself. I came to a lot of realisations and awakenings through this experience.

Elimeleki Feki, Year 13, Head Student


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