Preparing for a digital world


Pakuranga College has established itself as a national leader in eLearning. For us, eLearning is about equipping our students with modern learning tools in conjunction with modern learning practices.


Our school recognises that our students increasingly live in a digital world. We believe that, alongside the traditional competencies and knowledge that students must learn, we must prepare students for effective digital participation in this world.


Within their classes, students increasingly use computers and other digital devices for a range of learning activities such as:

  • doing research on the internet
  • filming videos
  • taking notes
  • working collaboratively online
  • reading online (ebooks, e-textbooks)
  • downloading worksheets/ workbooks
  • interviewing people outside the classroom via Skype


To prepare students and teachers for this, the College has developed an ‘elearning strategy’. One essential component of this has been the digital classes that first started in 2010.


The programme has become very popular and very successful and in 2014 all Year 9 students were asked to bring their own digital device for learning to school with them every day.


We have a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy that asks all students in Years 9 to 12 to use their devices in class to enhance and personalise their learning.


BYOD has transformed our classrooms by creating new opportunities for learning that were never possible before. All students have access to our ultrafast broadband and a robust, monitored and secure Wi-Fi network to support and enhance their learning. They able to access their learning online, anytime, anywhere and can collaborate, create and share information seamlessly with communities all over the world.


For more information about our BYOD policy and what it means to you and your child, please CLICK HERE.

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