17 Sep Egg

I woke up one day, feeling like an egg. I got dressed like an egg, sat down like an egg, hell I even drew a new self-portrait that day(spoiler alert, I drew an egg). For some reason, my newfound egginess gave me a sort of comfort. I felt complete within myself. It just felt right to call myself an egg. My brown exterior, very much due to the years of avoiding sunscreen, my core of yolky-whitey insides akin to my own cultural blend, and that versatile nature of eggs just hit home with what I wanted to be. No longer were the days of second-guessing who I was and trying to change myself to fit in, for I now felt most closely to a common household food item. In my egginess I am whole, in my egginess, I am me, in my egginess I am happy, and no one can tell me otherwise. 

Today I wake, an egg. 


by Sumo samurai swagmaster gang gang giovanni jackson joshua joseph the thirty thirdYear 12 

“A spoon of yoghurt a day will keep the body healthy and mind sane”.



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