Economics Students Visit the Capital

16 Sep Economics Students Visit the Capital

After the disappointing cancellation in 2020 due to Covid, Year 12 and Year 13 Economics students were able to travel to Wellington for our highly anticipated Economics trip. While for many, a Monday 5 am start at the airport was not the most ideal start to the week, everyone was buzzing with excitement over the experiences and opportunities that the next two days would present us.

After landing in Wellington, we were quick to realise where Wellington had gotten its “Windy Wellington” reputation. Strong gusts and rain met us on the first day as walked to various ministries across the capital. A few ministries we were fortunate enough to visit were Ministry of foreign affairs, business, and innovation along with the Government agencies such as the Reserve bank and Treasury. We witnessed different presentations through the different speakers, learning about the different objectives of the ministries and agencies domestically and abroad across the world. We got an in-depth glimpse into their work and everyday lives and how they worked closely with different ministers across cabinet.

The next day the weather luckily was clear and we got a chance to see Wellington at its finest. We were lucky to enjoy the Wellington bustle and had the chance to tour the Beehive and Parliament, we even had a chance encounter with former Allblacks captain Richie McCaw!

We had a discussion with local MP Simeon Brown who gave us an insight into life at parliament before observing a seating a parliament. It was super exciting seeing all the different MP’s from across the country in one place, especially the Prime Minister and opposition leader to name a few.

For most students, listening to the numerous speakers across the ministries – mostly new graduates, was a highlight of my trip. Seeing how many of these speakers progressed from High School into graduate programs that saw them working at the current positions was a huge eye-opener. The advice each of them provided was extremely powerful and noteworthy, particularly for many of us looking for career opportunities in economics and business in the future. Watching the presentation at the Treasury was also another truly memorable experience, given that we had a terrific view of the Beehive as we listened to the presentation!

by Kent Cheng, Year 13

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