Eastern Zone Speech Champions!

30 Aug Eastern Zone Speech Champions!

The Eastern Zone Speech Competition is a celebration of students’ public speaking ability throughout the Eastern network of schools. This year, six schools were represented: Macleans, Howick College, Pakuranga College, Sancta Maria College, Mission Heights, and Botany Down Secondary College. Each school puts forward their best speaker from years 9, 10 and 11. Students must present a persuasive speech which is between 3 and 5 minutes long. They are then marked based on the content of their speech and the delivery.

Pakuranga College had its best ever results at the competition this year:

Year 9 – Jenna Pye with her speech, Accepting Yourself and Judging People Less, came second.

Year 10 – Bernon Santos with his speech, Time came first.

Year 11 – Hailey Brown with her speech, Being an Introvert also came first. Read Hailey’s speech: Being an Introvert.

This is our best ever result at this competition and our reputation for producing outstanding orators is growing!

by Vanessa Scott, Head of English Faculty

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